Plant the Seed Early: Preventative Allergy Relief with Botanical Medicine

While many people living with seasonal allergies will wait until symptoms are present to seek relief, beginning an herbal treatment 6 weeks before the allergy season begins can effectively prevent seasonal allergy symptoms all together. Each spring, more than 50 million Americans will endure symptoms related to seasonal allergies. While many will turn to over-the-counter allergy medications for relief, these drugs often loose their efficacy and can even worsen symptoms over time. Botanical medicine offers an alternative approach, providing powerful symptom relief from seasonal allergy symptoms throughout the season without adverse effects. Taken alone, or in combination, these top 10 botanical medicinal herbs prevent and alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies while supporting the body with tonifying, nutritive, and soothing effects. Urtica dioica: Otherwise known as stinging nettle, it is the leaf of this plant that provides powerful allergy relief. Biochemical constituents including chlorophyll, indoles, and acetylcholine.